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Studies show getting more sleep can help athletes reduce injuries, improve sprint times and make fewer mental errors.


  • Fast Pass ($30 optional purchase)
    • Check-in Window 8:00am-9:30am
    • Be the first to test on fresh turf and avoid possible delays.
    • NOTE: Fast pass athletes can check-in after 9:30am and will be moved to the front of all athlete holding areas
  • General Admission (FREE)
    • Check-in Window: 9:30am-1:00pm
    • NOTE: Athletes can check-in any time during the check-in window

Athletes will receive a free compression shirt.

College coaches want to put a face to name. All players will have their photo taken and receive a Rivals profile. Key height and weight measurements will also be recorded.

Players will also receive a free Next College Student Athlete profile to give them access and exposure to college coaches on the world’s largest and most successful recruiting network.

Wear clothes you can move in comfortably and do not forget your football cleats. No track cleats allowed. And stay hydrated.





What you ran last year, what people believe, what coaches think, what the doubters say—all that doesn’t matter. What matters is you’ve now got two runs at five NFL drills to prove them wrong.

The Rivals Combine uses laser timing systems, the same type of equipment trusted by the NFL Combine. Athletes will be tested in the 40-Yard Dash, Shuttle Run, 3-Cone Drill, Vertical Jump and Broad Jump. Every athlete will get two runs at each test with the best time or marks recorded.



Good combine scores are worth sharing. Post your pics and stats on social media, send them to coaches on your college list, and add your results to your recruiting profiles.

A select group of top combine performers will receive an exclusive invite to the Rivals Camp Series the following day.

But if you’re not happy with your scores (we all have bad days), you can scratch your results and they will not be sent out to college coaches. To scratch your scores, you must email within 48 hours of receiving them. Simply let us know which scores not to share, and we can remove them from the site. Please note that only your top score out of your two attempts will be displayed.

The Wilson QBX Camp is a Quarterback training camp for all Fall 2022 high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors: ages 13+.  

Players will run through a variety of drills using Wilson X Connected QB tracking technology, meaning that every ball thrown during certain drills will collect data on the throw. That throw data is valuable from a training and recruiting standpoint so a coach and player can see where they currently stand in regard to their peers. 


Registration Open!

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Why should I attend the Rivals Combine?
Why should I attend the Rivals Combine?
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What are the COVID-19 protocols?
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What if I don’t like my scores?
How do I scratch my scores?
Can parents come to the Rivals Combine Series to watch?
How long does the testing take?
How do I get my results? How long does it take?
I received my scores, but they are incorrect. What do I do?
I’m a coach. Can I volunteer to work the combine?
How can I attend the Rivals Camp Series?
Is there a certain time that I must arrive for my session?

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